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Critter Tears

World's Worst Rift Artifact Hunter

Ghost cat reward

The Critter Tears quest probably gives the best quest reward ever invented. You get a ghost cat called “Spirit of Tears” that is a constant reminder of what a terrible, murdering individual you are! You will get a lot of very jealous comments about this pet, I promise. It looks very cool in game because it’s slightly translucent and has awesome glowing eyes.

You can get the Critter Tears from ANY rabbit, coyote, cat, fox, deer, snake, rat and squirrel. It doesn’t have to be found in any certain location, you can find it inside dungeons or anywhere in zones.  List from Zam’s Critter Tears page:

  • Rabbits in Freemarch, Realm of the Fae, Gloamwood, Iron Pine Peak
  • Coyotes in Scarwood Reach, Droughtlands, Gloamwood
  • Cats in Silverwood, Freemarch, Sanctum, Meridian, Moonshade Highlands
  • Foxes in Stonefield, Iron Pine Peak, Shimmersand
  • Deer in Freemarch, Silverwood
  • Snakes in Droughtlands, Gloamwood, Stillmoor
  • Rats in Silverwood, Freemarch, Stillmoor
  • Squirrels in Freemarch, Silverwood, Gloamwood, Stonefield, Scarwood Reach, Moonshade Highlands, Iron Pine Peaks

I finally found the Snake Tear that I needed to finish the Critter Tears artifact quest. Trust me, the Snake Tear is definitely the hardest artifact to find. You will need to kill a lot of snakes to finish this quest. Snakes can be found in Droughtlands, Gloamwood, and Stillmoor. (I’m not sure if you can get the Snake Tears from snakes in Shimmersand. I think that they have fixed the bug but I’m still uncertain.)


Snake Tears are impossible to find!

I didn’t even know about artifacts until I was running an instance with some guildies and they started killing rabbits. Someone killed one and we all got to /roll on Bunny Tears. I was so shocked! It made me realize how awesome and innovative this game truly is (which is why I named my blog Critter Tears.) The developers put a lot of love into even the smallest details of the game.

My addiction to killing critters actually started with WoW’s achievement Critter Kill Squad. While the rest of my guild was leveling to 85 I was stationed at the prime spot in Uldum killing sheep for hours on end in order to get this achievement for my guild (ha, I put level 50 at first and didn’t realize my typo for awhile.. I’ve definitely turned into a Rift addict). I wanted the fame! I wanted the pet! I wanted to destroy level one critters in seconds!

The sheep massacre

So, once I found out Rift offered me the same glorious evil murderous abilities (are you scared of me now? lol) I was determined to find my Bunny Tears.. and then eventually every single artifact that I could possibly find. Unfortunately, I still suck at finding artifacts, except for the ones where you kill small creatures who don’t deserve to die.

Yep, I'm awesome at one thing.

Cry Me A River is an excellent achievement to work towards while you’re farming artifacts in Freemarch or trying to get your Critter Tears achievement. This achievement is listed under the Freemarch zone achievements, but you can actually earn the Squirrel Tears from any zone. You have to earn the tears yourself. No cheating allowed! This is quite easy to get and the title the Heartless is always fun to have, because let’s admit, all of us Critter Tears questers are completely heartless (especially towards those darn snakes.. Stop giving me Rough Scales!)


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