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Critter Tears

World's Worst Rift Artifact Hunter

Ghost cat reward

The Critter Tears quest probably gives the best quest reward ever invented. You get a ghost cat called “Spirit of Tears” that is a constant reminder of what a terrible, murdering individual you are! You will get a lot of very jealous comments about this pet, I promise. It looks very cool in game because it’s slightly translucent and has awesome glowing eyes.

You can get the Critter Tears from ANY rabbit, coyote, cat, fox, deer, snake, rat and squirrel. It doesn’t have to be found in any certain location, you can find it inside dungeons or anywhere in zones.  List from Zam’s Critter Tears page:

  • Rabbits in Freemarch, Realm of the Fae, Gloamwood, Iron Pine Peak
  • Coyotes in Scarwood Reach, Droughtlands, Gloamwood
  • Cats in Silverwood, Freemarch, Sanctum, Meridian, Moonshade Highlands
  • Foxes in Stonefield, Iron Pine Peak, Shimmersand
  • Deer in Freemarch, Silverwood
  • Snakes in Droughtlands, Gloamwood, Stillmoor
  • Rats in Silverwood, Freemarch, Stillmoor
  • Squirrels in Freemarch, Silverwood, Gloamwood, Stonefield, Scarwood Reach, Moonshade Highlands, Iron Pine Peaks

I finally found the Snake Tear that I needed to finish the Critter Tears artifact quest. Trust me, the Snake Tear is definitely the hardest artifact to find. You will need to kill a lot of snakes to finish this quest. Snakes can be found in Droughtlands, Gloamwood, and Stillmoor. (I’m not sure if you can get the Snake Tears from snakes in Shimmersand. I think that they have fixed the bug but I’m still uncertain.)


Snake Tears are impossible to find!

I didn’t even know about artifacts until I was running an instance with some guildies and they started killing rabbits. Someone killed one and we all got to /roll on Bunny Tears. I was so shocked! It made me realize how awesome and innovative this game truly is (which is why I named my blog Critter Tears.) The developers put a lot of love into even the smallest details of the game.

My addiction to killing critters actually started with WoW’s achievement Critter Kill Squad. While the rest of my guild was leveling to 85 I was stationed at the prime spot in Uldum killing sheep for hours on end in order to get this achievement for my guild (ha, I put level 50 at first and didn’t realize my typo for awhile.. I’ve definitely turned into a Rift addict). I wanted the fame! I wanted the pet! I wanted to destroy level one critters in seconds!

The sheep massacre

So, once I found out Rift offered me the same glorious evil murderous abilities (are you scared of me now? lol) I was determined to find my Bunny Tears.. and then eventually every single artifact that I could possibly find. Unfortunately, I still suck at finding artifacts, except for the ones where you kill small creatures who don’t deserve to die.

Yep, I'm awesome at one thing.

Cry Me A River is an excellent achievement to work towards while you’re farming artifacts in Freemarch or trying to get your Critter Tears achievement. This achievement is listed under the Freemarch zone achievements, but you can actually earn the Squirrel Tears from any zone. You have to earn the tears yourself. No cheating allowed! This is quite easy to get and the title the Heartless is always fun to have, because let’s admit, all of us Critter Tears questers are completely heartless (especially towards those darn snakes.. Stop giving me Rough Scales!)


Snake Tears: Exciting, breaking news! I hit 50 this week, AND I got my critter tears! Now I can’t be embarrassed anymore that I named my blog Critter Tears but didn’t even have the artifacts yet. Read the Critter Tears Quest Guide so you can be cool like me and get your Spirit of Tears cat non-combat pet.

/who: I am starting to notice more people creeping up towards the level 50 cap, meaning sometimes the best place to go for uninterrupted artifact farming isn’t in Iron Pines or Shimmersand anymore. I searched through Moonshade the other night with only 2 other lonely Guardians questing there, according to /who. So, I would always recommend doing a /who and checking for the area with the least population. Some lousy people out there just pick up artifacts when they happen to see them while questing. How greedy!

Wiki page: I have been spending a lot of my time trying to help out with the Telarapedi Wiki artifact page because it’s a really great (and efficient) way of organizing all of the artifacts. I have a terrible memory so hopefully this site will eventually list every artifact so I can stop trying to mentally keep track. So far I’ve basically been the one who figures out how to break everything, and then I bother the wonderful creator by asking him hundreds of questions about what I’m doing wrong. Soon, I plan on writing a post on how to help out the wiki, but I need to finish figuring out the whole process myself!

PvP server: If you’re on a PvP server, artifacts from Defiant zones sell *extremely* well! Usually I’m the only one posting them on the AH even when they are common whites. Definitely start controlling that market on your server! However I think there’s also a reason why you won’t find many people willing to do it. I never realized how freaking annoying PvP servers can be until I decided to look for artifacts in Freemarch as a Guardian on a PvP server. Sometimes a couple bored 50’s will be running through the area and decide that “getting rid of that baddie Guardian” is fun sport. When I’m farming artifacts in Defiant areas I always make sure to be extra polite, because killing level 15’s as a 50 doesn’t sit well with me. In fact, I always find it hilarious when a level 15 tries to attack *me* and my defensive shield that hits targets who attack is practically enough to two shot them. I always just tell them, “I have no intentions of attacking you, please leave me alone.” Most realize their mistake and run off scared, but other very strange specimens of Defiant will continue trying to attack me for like 10 minutes straight (with no success) until I finally get annoyed and just melee them down in a few hits. I’ve never had one come back and try to bother me again after that. =)

The Evil Artifact: >=(               Grr. canttalkaboutit.toomuchanger.

No, you're not imagining that shiny!

There’s a shiny sitting in the fountain in Moonglade that does not want to be found. This lovely artifact drove me crazy for about 5 minutes before I figured out the trick to how to get it. If you put your mouse ABOVE the artifact, then slowly move your mouse downward, you will, for a very short amount of time, see the pointer turn to a hand. Make sure you move slowly otherwise you’ll never catch it at the precise moment. I’ve actually had to answer this question in Level chat several times. Usually someone says “How the heck do I get this artifact?” and without even checking where they are, I ask, “are you in Moonshade next to a fountain?” So far, the answer has always been yes. They think I’m a psychic and are always really excited when they get the trick to work. If you happen to spot this artifact, don’t walk away muttering about how you’re starting to see artifacts that don’t exist! It can be taken with a little persistence.

Huge amounts of artifacts are going untouched in higher level zones at the moment, because no artifact hunters have leveled that high! Yesterday after dragging myself out of Freemarch, I did some initial questing in Iron Pines and was astounded at how many artifacts there were. I found THREE artifacts sitting all clumped together, with tons of people passing it by, but not a single person stopped to pick them up. Most of the people in the level 40-50 areas are too hardcore to be bothered with artifacts. They are zooming right by them on their 110% mount without a care in the world. I know most artifact hunters are happy in Silverwood/Gloamwood, especially since so many of us have the unfortunate disease of completionitis, but I promise you that getting to the higher levels NOW will be worth it before the rest of your competition can catch up.

Or you could just roll a rogue.. but that's not the point!

If you want to farm artifacts without having to fight any mobs, one awesome way to do it is to take advantage of a quest in Droughtlands. As you’re going through the questline in Droughtlands you’ll get to the quest zone Redoubt. After you find Adriana Weaver, she will turn you into a friendly character to the mobs in Redoubt for the quest “In the Image of My Enemy” so you can go speak to some dudes. However, this also means you can pick up artifacts without having to fight any mobs. Yes, picking up artifacts doesn’t knock you out of the form! There are a lot of artifact spawn points scattered throughout the area. I would recommend that you don’t turn this quest back in, because she will continue transforming you everytime you go talk to her. Whenever you’re in Droughtlands, you can just go back and farm some more artifacts. Woot!

How am I supposed to get up there??

There is one super tricky artifact in Redoubt that took me a little while to figure out how to get to. It’s up on a small ledge that runs above the stairs. It’s impossible to get to from the ground below. (You can see my poor pet is stuck waiting for me below). The only way I have found to get up onto that ledge is actually to go up the stairs and around the corner to the wall that touches that artifact. You’ll see two small “windows” on that wall. If you go to the second one, you can jump through that hole with a little bit of finesse and land on the platform to get the artifact.

Jump through the left window to win!

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